Curli Stretch Comfort Leash


Curli Stretch Comfort Leash

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One of the most important factors when taking your dogs out for a walk is the element of surprise. Suddenly, the dog sees something and his hunting instinct leads him to start running or to go in a direction where he shouldn't go. In such situations, the owner may wish to shorten the leash, so he can prevent the dog from running off in an undesirable direction. In such situations, a regular lead is always worse than a rope due to its narrow sides. It often develops a pressure load that grows strongly and can cut into the hand. As a result, a rope leash distributes the pressure, meaning the owner is more in control - especially with medium and larger sized breeds. In order to offer optimal flexibility and maximum comfort, Curli has developed its own rope. A rope that reduces the jolt when holding back a dog, making it more comfortable for him and his owner alike. The core and the sheath of the rope can be adapted to the requirements and the size of the dog. This leads to a very comfortable transmission of the commands to the dog, without compromising safety.


  • 70³/₄ inch length
  • Size M - 0.31 inch up to 55 lbs
  • Size L - 0.39 inch up to 88 lbs 
  • Shock absorbing rope for stress-free communication
  • Ultra soft Nylon rope for the very best grip, control and security
  • Dog waste bag dispenser
  • Safety "Snap-In“ Hook

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