Curli Belka Magnetic Comfort Harness For Larger Dogs


Curli Belka Magnetic Comfort Harness For Larger Dogs

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Often you have to have both hands free to put on a dog harness properly and safely. That is why we have developed a sophisticated system that works with magnetic forces. Just as if you had an additional hand at your disposal. The buckle elements close by themselves and the lock engages automatically and is secured. It couldn't be faster and safer.


  • Innovative Magnetic buckles for easy on and off the harness
  • “3D Comfort Fit” for perfect adaptation to the dog’s anatomy
  • Choke-free neck design to avoid injuries to nerves and trachea
  • Adjustable chest circumference for best fit
  • Spinal protection: the Snap hook does not hurt the dog
  • Elastic buckle covers for more safety against unintentional opening
  • Padded buckles as a protection against rubbing
  • 2 leash fixation points, for guiding and for pulling
  • Only 220 gr / 0.48 lb (Size XS), the best harness in terms of weight and function on the market
  • Elastic straps for fixing luumi LED lights
  • Neoprene padded handle to hold the dog close and to help to lift it up
  • 360° reflective piping for extra safety in the dark
  • Wired seams for better form stability
  • Lightweight, air permeable stretch Air-Mesh cooling effect when immersed in water
  • DogFinder ID to help find your dog in case it gets lost

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