The Hyper Pet Collection

Hyper Chewz by Hyper Pet

Made of Lightweight EVA Foam and Rubber

This dog toy hold its shape even after chewing.

This is not the simple rubber chew toy as it may appear. It's made from durable EVA foam so it is lighter than most of the dog toys in this category and softer which makes it easier on your pup’s teeth and gums particularly for teething puppies and older dogs that may have dental issues.

The Hyper Chewz has more give than most rubber toys thus making it easier for your pup to get a better chomp because they can penetrate the toy all while keeping its shape.

It can even be used in water because EVA is very buoyant and the bright green color makes it very easy for your dog to track.

As always with chew toys, they should be used with the supervision of a pet parent.

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